• Hoops for Cross Stitch

    hoopsYou will find that one of the most important tools for creating cross stitch is the hoop. There are some people who do not need to use the hoop to create a beautiful design. A larger number of people prefer to use the hoop because it makes the fabric more stable to sew on. This is just one out of many times that it is just about preference. The use of cross stitch hoops is largely available in different shapes and sizes. They may be found in a round or oval shape and can be made form a plastic, wood, or spring tension. It has been found that the plastic or the spring tension hoops are better able to grab the fabric that the wood hoops can.

    To make sure that you do not have marks from your creases or stains on your fabric, it is a good idea to take the fabrics out of the hoop each time you are finished using it.
    One of the best hints for those that are using the cross stitch hoop is to use a piece of muslin fabric to cover the cross stitch design to also help with staining and dirt. This fabric can also add to the firmness of the hoop and make the stabbing stitches easier than if you are using the scoop method. The stabbing method of stitching is the method that is popular because it does not need the fabrics to be handled in the whole process of stitching. This will make it a less of a chance that the project will become damaged. The other good thing about using an cross stitch hoop for your sewing is that it does not cause deformation of the fabric. This is so important when you are making your stitches diagonal. Diagonal stitches are used for tent stitches or for half cross stitches.

    The different types of hoops used for cross stitch are cheap and easy to use. It will take some caution and care when you are taking the fabric from the hoop to make sure that it does not get distorted. Distorted fabric can cause the cross stitch design to be damaged. The hoops for cross stitch are really good for fabric types like linen, Aida, and any other fine weave fabric. If your design is a large one, the hand rotated hoop or Freedom Hoop is the one you will want to use. This is especially true for canvas projects.
    If you are a beginner to the world of cross stitch, it is best for you to utilize all the tools that will give you the most enjoyable experience in learning this craft. Some of the people, who have difficult time learning cross stitch, will become discouraged and possibly leave the project unfinished. The hoops used for cross stitch are great and useful items that will make learning cross stitch easier and fun for you.

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